Marietta, GA




User Interface Engineer
Atlanta, GA
Sep 2008 - Apr 2009
  • Created for the online sale of classic automobiles, using JSF, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Styled HTML form elements using CSS, Prototype, and Sizzle
  • Designed HTML emails with support for Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail
  • Generated a PDF template that customers can use to promote their cars
  • Worked in a Unix shell using SSH and Bash scripts
  • Technical Environment: JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, Prototype, JSF, HTML email, Subversion, PhotoShop, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Windows, Unix

Web Developer

Ceridian Corporation Atlanta, GA May 2008 - Sep 2008
  • Developed online applications that allow health coaches to counsel employees on health-related issues
  • Used Ajax to populate data fields and for in-page navigation
  • Wrote object-oriented JavaScript and PHP code
  • Created technical documentation for the existing source code
  • Technical Environment: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, OOP, SQL, Postgres, Subversion, Firefox, Windows, Linux

Web Developer

Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta, GA Jan 2007 - Feb 2008
  • Maintained the,, and websites
  • Performed a site-wide clean-up of the CSS code for, working closely with the design team to ensure cross-browser consistency
  • Created HTML mock-ups for web pages working from PhotoShop images
  • Wrote Bash scripts to automate the process of pushing content to a different server
  • Worked in a Unix shell using SSH, grep, sed, and Perl
  • Technical Environment: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Prototype, JSP, XML, CVS, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Windows, Unix

Software Engineer

QuadraMed Corp.
Santa Cruz, CA Mar 1999 - Jun 2001
  • Maintained and enhanced HIM software that hospitals use to code medical records and file for reimbursement from insurance companies
  • Created utilities and documentation for a SQL Anywhere database
  • Performed Y2K testing on legacy code
  • Technical Environment: Delphi, Visual C++, SQL Anywhere, Paradox, Visual SourceSafe, Windows NT

Software Consulting Clients:
Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 1997 - Mar 1999

City of Santa Cruz

  • Modified Paradox database tables and Delphi front-end programs
  • Redesigned city utility bills with assistance from water department personnel
  • Technical Environment: Delphi, Paradox, Windows

Farook Inc.

  • Designed 32-bit Windows version of Farook, a strategic board game
  • Created an installation wizard
  • Technical Environment: Visual C++, InstallShield Express, Paint Shop Pro, Windows

TerraFlux Ltd.

  • Developed a C++ program to analyze data from on-site machines in Germany and estimate profits from increased usage
  • Extracted data fields and format codes from raw data
  • Technical Environment: Visual C++, Windows

Sky Designs

  • Created prototypes of hand-held electronic games
  • Controlled embedded processors from a PC using C++
  • Technical Environment: Visual C++, Windows

Software Engineer

Cool Software Technology Santa Cruz, CA Nov 1996 - Feb 1997
  • Developed Web Publisher for Internet Sidekick (displays business calendars on the internet)
  • Maintained corporate website and created initial company intranet
  • Technical Environment: Visual C++, FrontPage, Windows

Software Engineer
Airs International Capitola, CA Oct 1995 - Oct 1996
  • Adapted the user interface of a proprietary accounting program from DOS to Windows 95
  • Created database maintenance tools for a Btrieve database
  • Technical Environment: Delphi, Btrieve, Windows


Web Developer

Oslo Children's Museum Marietta, GA
Jan 2006 - Present
  • Created a bilingual website for founding a Children's Museum in Oslo, Norway -
  • Designed HTML templates for English and Norwegian versions of the website
  • Achieved compatibility with 99% of existing web browsers, on a variety of operating systems
  • Technical Environment: Linux, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, GIMP Image Editor.

Quality Assurance

Environmental Defense
Sudbury, ON, Canada Jan 2005 - May 2005
  • Tested the usability and visual design of new web pages

Web Developer Sudbury, ON, Canada Nov 2003 - Jun 2005
  • Created a template engine, allowing HTML templates and live data to be applied to a website
  • Technical Environment: Linux, PHP, MySQL, HTML

Software Engineer Sudbury, ON, Canada Jun 2002 - Feb 2003
  • Provided online technical support for users of the Mozilla web browser
  • Initiated engineering discussions for a major feature enhancement
  • Technical Environment: Linux, C++, GNU Compiler, CVS, Bugzilla


University of California Extension, Santa Cruz
  • Java Programming, Fall Quarter 2000
  • Object-Oriented Programming Using C++, Spring Quarter 2000

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
University of Georgia, 1994