Within a Shimmering Heart

Frosty waters toss about,
As a weary ship nears the end of its voyage.
Fluid fingers press into the hull
and draw it over a rippling surface.

Lost beggars stumble onto the ship,
A whisper of dreams bringing them together,
Wishing to grow strong.

An open world lies before them,
Showing where hopes will take root,
Where hopes are allowed to be.

But the winds circle savagely,
And the craft finds itself turned aside.
Mighty waves topple the ship
And drag it down to a chilled tomb.

Silently the ship lies, water trembling above.
The desolate vessel finds it is not alone.
Small hands reach out. Tiny life gracefully wakens.
A fertile, emerald world blooms.

In the deep embrace of the ocean,
Where sea flowers offer what comfort they can,
The dream has found the life it sought.
A rich blanket of love warms the icy waters.

(c) 1993, Matthew K. Coughlin