Standard Input / Output

Standard input


read [-r] [varname]*
  • -r  : Backslash does not act as an escape character.
  • Reads a line from standard input and stores it in the specified variables.
  • If no variables are specified, the user input is stored in the special shell variable REPLY
  • Stores one piece of data (text separated by white space) per variable, except for the last variable, which holds all remaining data from the line of user input.
echo Enter a value
read index
echo Input: $index

echo "Enter another value"
echo "Input: $REPLY"
# Read a file line-by-line
cat $file | while read line; do
echo ${line}

Standard error

Suppressing errors

cmd 2> /dev/null   # Suppress error messages
cmd >& /dev/null # Suppress error messages and standard output

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